The Secret of Success of Funny Comic Strips

Successful funny comic strips contain three basic features, which include a profound sense of humor, imaginative quality of the creator and the ability to draw matching comic characters telling the story perfectly to the point. You need to practice the art of creating comic strips to earn a successful position in the popularity scale. If you are able to display the correct story telling technique, you are one step ahead of others in gaining popularity.

You have to judge the entire effort from the readers’ angle to make the funny comic strips really humorous. A wise strategy would be to incorporate designs that are in vogue in current times and have found on the top positions of the popularity scale. The humor expressed through comics should be acceptable to readers and should also contribute to the additional knowledge of the visitor if it is published on the web. You have to create a powerful spirit intrinsically in bringing out humor in the comic strip so that you are successful in making people laugh. You have to count on the fact that the story that makes a section of the crowd laugh may not be able to rouse the identical effect on the rest. Here, you need to give importance on the target audience of funny comic strips.

Another important factor is the repeated use of jokes or topics, which have become cliché with much use either on websites or at other media platforms. You should avoid the same effect and must create unique material to make a separate identity in the readers with the element of humor in the creation. It is the style of delivery, the uniqueness of the topic and humorous illustration, which all combine to produce excellent funny comic strips. You have to show something of outstanding merit to be successful in creating a permanent feeling on the minds of readers. You will find that certain creators of comic strips are remembered for high quality sketches or humorous display of characters or choice of words as funny, but highly admirable dialogues

Finally, the element of wit is a major quality in achieving success in this art. You have to be imaginative and at the same time be attentive to the element of humor, which is an important factor for the prompt acceptance of the work. Contributing funny comic strips successfully and especially on the internet is a great task that offers satisfying surprise to th

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